Martim David Gomes is a an award-winning London based Director. He has directed and written several small projects, including two short dramas – Run While You Can (2017) and Dessert (2018). He has a strong background in editing, animation, and music. Having started using editing and animation software at the early age of 12, he has edited and animated dozens of small projects and developed a passion for filmmaking. Martim who plays the piano since the age of 6, composed his first song at the age of 17.  This song and the rest of the soundtrack that is also composed by him is featured in his most recent short film Dessert. He has also composed the score for the short film Lifting Spirits (2018).

Martim enjoys experimenting different styles and genres of filmmaking, having tried drama, comedy and thriller. Due to his drawing and music background, he enjoys using both these elements in his films, with a strong attention to detail. 

Martim decided to move to London at the age of 18 to study BA Film Production at Middlesex University, following his passion of becoming a director and filmmaker. He is now a BA Film Production Graduate.

His short film Dessert has recently collected a Best Thriller Award at the North Hollywood CineFest, as well as many other nominations across festivals internationally.

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